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Beskid Sądecki and Niski Beskids

Krynica, Góra Parkowa
A rich network of tourist routes allows you to reach all the most attractive parts of the region. Beskids offer tourists hiking, biking, horseback, cross-country, ski, as well as cableways and recreation centres. There are two cableways in Krynica-Zdrój: one goes to Góra Parkowa and another to Jaworzyna. The latter is the longest gondola lift in Poland.

Among the walking routes, the red Main Beskid Trail, and the blue Żegiestów Zdrój – Leluchów trail are particularly recommendable. The most interesting bicycle routes are the yellow bicycle trail Wysowa Zdrój – Regietów – Wysowa Zdrój, which allows you to see wooden post-Lemko Orthodox churches in the vicinity of Wysowa-Zdrój. Beskids sites are also included on the VeloDunajec and VeloNatura routes.

There are many studs and horse-riding centres in the Beskids – it is a very popular activity in the region. In Gładyszów there is the largest Hutsul horse farm in Europe. Individual and group rides for tourists are organised here, as well as horse riding lessons with an instructor, horse rides, carriage rides and sleigh rides. Around 100 km of marked horse trails have been led in the vicinity of the centre. Every year in September, a three-day event known as Hutsul Days is organised here. The horse trail worth recommending is Rytro – Uhryń – Hańczowa – Nieznajowa – Kotań – Olchowiec, a fragment of the Transbeskid Horse Route, which leads form Rytro, located in Beskid Sądecki to Olchowiec, which is already in Low Beskids. The trail runs through the Magura National Park.

The offer of sports activities in the winter season is so rich that it is impossible to list everything. The most frequently chosen by tourists include: cross-country ski trails, trail skiing, skitouring and hiking in snowshoes. Beskid Sądecki and Low Beskids boast top-level ski resorts, of which Słotwiny Arena, Henryk, Jaworzyna Krynicka, Tylicz Ski, Master Ski and Wierchomla are particularly worth recommending. If you are just starting your adventure with skiing, try smaller lifts, such as: Kokuszka, Kamianna, Magura Ski Park and Smerekowiec.

Visitors to the Beskids should take advantage of the rich offer of stationary centres where you can have just as much fun as on the trails. The most visited are rope parks Ablandia in Rytro, rope park in Wysowa, Winter Sports Centre in Ptaszkowa as well as Recreation and Sport Centre Zapopradzie. Lovers of water madness in the summer season can take part in the river trip down the Poprad river.


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