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InfoKraków Pawilon Wyspiańskiego

InfoKraków, the Wyspiański Pavilion

Zdjęcie ukazujące Punkt Informacji Turystycznej znajdujący się w Pawilonie Wyspiańskiego w Krakowie

Plac Wszystkich Świętych 2, 31-004 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 501238632
An interesting object on the map of Kraków, located at Wszystkich Świętych Square, is characterised by a very turbulent history. The Pavilion was built on an undeveloped square after a two-axis tenement house called Pod Lipkami was demolished.

The place was empty for quite a long time; numerous architectural competitions and discussions took shape only after Andrzej Wajda suggested it in 1998. During the Kraków 2000 Festival, the director proposed building a pavilion called "Wyspiański 2000", now called the Wyspiański Pavilion. The concept was to incorporate three unrealised stained-glass windows by Stanisław Wyspiański into the front wall of the building. Construction began in 2005, and the building, designed by Krzysztof Ingarden, was opened in 2007. Three stained-glass windows designed by Stanisław Wyspiański and made by Piotr Ostrowski are exhibited on the front wall of the Pavilion. The windows depict Saint Stanisław, Casimir the Great and Henry II the Pious. The building is quite an interesting architectural form, and the façade was composed of brick, movable tiles fixed on metal rods. The proper positioning of the tiles allows for proper illumination of the interior. Currently, the Pavilion is a venue for conferences, literary meetings and other cultural events, managed by the Kraków Festival Office. The interior also houses the City Tourist Information Point.

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