What to do with your children in Małopolska? Explore, play and discover!

Walkways with green squares and behind them a miniature long three-storey building with windows, a red roof,  a tower on the right,  turrets with domes in the middle and a low building on the left. To the rear, the roofs of further side sections of the building and a high hedge. Trees behind it To the left, a light building and trees behind. Clear skies.
In the Małopolska region, we know how to look after all children – younger and older alike – and tempting attractions await you in many places. A short getaway or a longer holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend special time with your family. It will give your children lots of fun and unforgettable memories, and you will have a great time, too. Today we take you to a few of them so that you can combine fun with education, and the joy of being together in the most beautiful region in Poland!

Garden of Experiences in Kraków – an experience that will stay with you for a long time!

This is probably one of Kraków's most magical places. The park's six hectares of green space contain more than 110 pieces of equipment  to explore and experience the complexity of our world's processes. There are sections related to optics, mechanics, hydrostatics and acoustics, where you can find answers to the ‘How do they do that?’ questions. You can also visit the planetarium and take part in the educational workshops regularly on offer at this magical and mysterious garden. For us, this is a must-see on the map of Kraków!

In the footsteps of dragons across Kraków!

After a visit to the Garden of Experiences, let your feet carry you through the history of the capital of Małopolska, and let your guide be... dragons! The children of the largest and most dangerous one, who guards the Dragon's Den at the foot of Wawel Castle, have scattered to the nooks and crannies of the city and are waiting for you to discover with them the many curiosities and legends of Kraków. There are seven dragons, and finding them all will be a combination of pleasant urban wandering and discovering the charms of Kraków. Do you like themed walks? This one is sure to steal your heart!

Miniature Park ‘World of Dreams’ Inwałd – around the world with the family

Are you dreaming of a family trip around the world but would like some help arranging it? There is a place in the Małopolska region that will enable you to do just that! Between Andrychów and Wadowice is the Miniature Park, where you can see 65 of the world's most famous monuments in miniature with your own eyes. Being under the Eiffel Tower and walking along the Great Wall of China on the same day? Every travel dream will come true here! The park in Inwałd is also ideal for an adventure trip! Next to the Miniature Park is the Fairy Tale Warren. Once through its gates, you will find yourself in medieval times, meeting a dragon, a witch and a knight. The tour culminates at the funfair, where there are huge playgrounds, a cinema room, merry-go-rounds and a scare cabinet.

Beskid Wooden Toy Centre in Stryszawa – back to the roots

What if we could show children how folk art and toy-making can create a beautiful tradition and history together? For this, be sure to head to Stryszawa, where in the Beskid Wooden Toy Centre, a return to the past of our grandmothers and grandfathers awaits you. The exhibition of unique wooden toys that were (and still are!) made in these regions includes a collection of famous wooden birds, horses, roosters and wooden figures. There is also the Wooden Folk Toy Park, where you can see XXL versions of Stryszawa toys. The perfect place for family picnics and fun relaxation! Or would you like to make such a toy yourself? Be sure to sign up for a workshop where local folk artists will teach you how!

On the trail of the castles of Małopolska – a family trip full of crazy adventures!

But of course, you can start your holiday with ghosts sooner than after the end of the school year! In Małopolska, the trail of castles and their legends is a journey through the entire history of the region – from fortified buildings and royal residences to castlesJurassic uplands and castles and burgstalls guarding access to the mountains. Some are haunted by ladies in white, others have mysterious figures strolling through the courtyard, and there are some where the Incas have hidden their treasures.

Ready for such an intrepid adventure? So, pack your rucksacks because you have Krakow, Niepołomice, Pieskowa Skała, Dobczyce, Dębno, Nowy Wiśnicz, Wieliczka, Sucha Beskidzka, Niedzica and Rudno to visit. Do you think that's it? Nothing of the sort! As you can see on the map, there’s so much more to see and do. In many of the ruins quite a few secrets are still waiting to be uncovered...


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