Where to eat vegetarian food in Kraków? 9 places where you can eat well!

Stalls with vegetables such as onions, peppers, and tomatoes. In the foreground: scales and a basket with vegetables on it.
Oyster mushroom chops, glazed eggplant, falafel with pomegranate, udon with variations and aromatic hummus – vegetable cuisine in Kraków restaurants is not only a journey through exciting and original flavours but also exotic aromas. Kraków restaurants serving vegan and vegetarian offerings are establishments that draw inspiration by the handful from the cuisine of the Far East and the Middle East, as well as from the bustling markets of Asian metropolises. Want to feel the succulence of vegetation on your tongue and a touch of the exotic? Choose any of our suggestions below and move to a culinary land of gentleness. It is going to be healthy, colourful and delicious!

Mazaya Falafel

Mazaya Falafel has as many as 5 locations in Kraków, where you can experience the flavours of the owner's childhood, who brought them to Poland. Hummus and falafel according to his grandmother's recipe – that's what you'll find on the menu. Traditional recipes based on Middle Eastern cuisine and the best quality ingredients are the hallmark of Mazaya Falafel. You can try the street food version in small venues scattered around Kraków or come to the former Writers' House at 22 Krupnicza Street for a taste of the Orient and history.

Address 22 Krupnicza Street, 2 Legionów Józefa Piłsudskiego Street, 5 Stanisława Żółkiewskiego Street, 10 Starowiślna Street, 5 Kleparski Market – Kraków


Veganic is a restaurant known for its extraordinary attention to ingredients and for surprising customers by combining plant-based flavours in exciting combinations. The menu includes an extensive breakfast and lunch menu and unusual cocktail offerings. All are served in beautiful interiors in the heart of the city. This is one of the most loved restaurants on the vegan map of Kraków – you should not miss it!

Address  34 Karmelicka Street, Kraków

Ka Vegan Udon & Sushi Bar

Udon, Sushi and tempura – these three simple ingredients turn into real works of art at this place. Handmade, daily fresh noodles, pickles made by the chefs, carefully seasoned products from organic farming and an all-vegan menu. These keys will open the door to Japanese cuisine in a modern way. It's delicious, and you must drop in here!

Address 14A Rakowicka Street, Kraków


Try Poland's first vegan kebab and find out that the plant-based version is just as aromatic and full of flavour! A slice of vegan meat with the perfect texture and flavour that a native Italian created. Add to this the fresh ingredients, the uniqueness of the dish and the warm atmosphere of the restaurant and lo and behold, the place on Starowiślna Street could quickly become your favourite place for a quick snack during a break from sightseeing or for a pleasant lunch with friends.

Address  8 Starowiślna Street, Kraków

Momo Bar

The Momo in the Kazimierz District is a real gem on Kraków's culinary paths. It will enchant you with flavours and aromas found nowhere else. With a small but very high-quality menu, Momo Bar is ideal for all plant-eaters who love surprising flavour combinations. Momo's Tibetan dumplings or the delicious Masala Dosa are absolute musts to try here!

Address  49 Józefa Dietla Street, Kraków

Hammsa Bar

A journey through the bustling streets of Israel without leaving Kraków? Hammsa Bar will take you on this culinary journey, serving dishes to think about long after your visit here! Fresh ingredients and offbeat flavour combinations are the hallmarks of Hammsa in the Kazimierz District. Every weekend an excellent breakfast buffet with no weak option – everything is delicious, colourful and flavoured. The perfect place for the ideal gathering over good food.

Address 2 Szeroka Street, Kraków


Vegan burgers, wraps, kebabs and other plant-based dishes stuffed with flavour, aroma and health, especially for you – does such an incentive still need advertising? The concept of  Krowarzywa brand chain resturants (link to Krowarzywa brand restaurants) is simple: we are what we eat, yet we all want to be like the plants – full of vitality and vigour. If Krowarzywa food can do that, why not come and test it on your taste buds? Good food in the city centre – give it a try!

Address  8 Sławkowska Street, Kraków

No Bones Vegan Food

Vegan dishes in Polish and international versions. Here you will feel with all your senses that vegan food is not bland! They say they create veganism without the fuss at No Bones Vegan Food. Not only do they play with flavours, not only do they care about the fate of the planet and the welfare of animals, but they also fill their restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and positive energy. Will you be tempted?

Address 15 Bracka Street, Kraków


A vegetarian/vegan bar next to Kraków's main attractions is an excellent option for everyone. Plant-eaters looking for new flavours in their culinary explorations and those who want to start their adventure with plant-based cuisine will find it well here. The menu at Glonojadzie encourages this! Chilli with non-meat, beetroot burger, celeriac, and apple cream are a small preview of what you can find on the menu. Taste, long tradition and an iconic spot in the city – check out for yourself what we're talking about!

Address  2 Matejki Square, Kraków


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